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In Harmony Chiropractic is a family owned and managed practice and we warmly welcome our staff and members of our local community as part of it.



Dr. Rachel Cusack
B.App.Chiro., B.App.Sc (Clinical)


Dr. Travis Smith
B.App.Chiro., B.App.Sc (Clinical)

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Dr. Sarah Hicks
M.Clin. Chiro.,B.App.Sc (Comp Med) B.App.Sc. (Psych/Psychophys) 

Sarah is a caring and dedicated chiropractor who is passionate about helping busy families perform at their best. She uses a holistic approach to help achieve long lasting changes to her patients’ health and wellbeing. She loves to meet and treat people of all ages; with a particular interest in women’s health and supporting families through the stress of study and work, pregnancy and parenthood. As a mum herself, she also enjoys connecting with young children and teaching them about their bodies.

Sarah completed a degree in psychology and psychophysiology before commencing her studies in chiropractic at RMIT, graduating in 2010. She uses a range of gentle low force and manual chiropractic techniques including Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT), Activator Methods, craniosacral and drop piece that are carefully chosen to meet each of her patients’ unique needs and preferences.

Outside of practice hours, Sarah enjoys entertaining her two children, cooking and listening to podcasts about nutrition and wellbeing.


Our wonderful Chiropractic Assistants


Brenda and Mardi

About Our Logo

The 3 spheres of our logo represent a trilogy. Firstly, they represent the family unit; Mother, Father & Child(ren). Taking this a little further, they also represent the 3 different aspects/stressors related to health – physical, chemical and emotional/spiritual. In order for us to be truly healthy, we require our mind and body to be working in harmony and balance in how we eat, move and think.