The Right Tools

Enhancing the benefits of chiropractic care will require additional tools of the
trade. These enable you to make better choices about your health and to create

a healthier long term environment for yourself, giving support to your chiropractic

We have available at our clinic:

Nutrition: Including Multi Vitamins, Fish Oils,  & Probiotics. These are a great addition to start moving towards sufficiency and purity from a nutritional and health point of view. Other nutrition products are available.

Movement: To enhance movement, posture, balance, stretching and core
muscle stability, items such as fit balls, wobble boards and posture poles are
wonderful tools to have as you build up your levels of fitness and stability. We
can show you through how to use these and check to make sure your fit ball is
the right height.

Foot Levelers: These are a custom made support for your feet. They provide
support for all 3 arches in your feet whilst allowing the foot to function correctly
as you stand and walk. Foot Levelers also help to restore wonderful feedback
information from the joints in your feet to your brain. Coupled with gentle
adjusting of the feet, Foot Levelers help to provide a stable and supported
foundation for the ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and spine. A comprehensive
assessment and report are undertaken to determine the best match as far as
type of leveler for your most frequently worn footwear and the types of activities
you regularly participate in.

Pillows: We have various densities of contoured pillows that will provide
support for your neck and shoulders for a good night’s sleep.